Saturday, December 4, 2010


They say a change is as good as a rest. Seeing as I don’t do “rest”, I opted for change.

Towards the end of September I decided to attempt some animation. I don’t have an animation program on my computer, so I drew all the frames by hand, scanned them into Photoshop to add colour and / or other photographic media, and then dropped all the frames into a very basic Windows Movie Maker.

Lulu “Here Comes the Night”.

At the start of October my animation for Lulu’s “Here Comes the Night” was ready to upload to Youtube. Why I chose that song I don’t really know. The title was probably suggested by the oncoming dark nights of the UK’s winter months. (Contrary to public perception, it is the original version of the song).

You can see the finished video on THIS LINK

Goose Fair, Nottingham.

Rather pleased with “Here Comes the Night”, and interested in local history, I thought a series of 2 minute animations about certain Nottingham sites might be a good idea. The animation frames could even inspire some ideas for paintings. Goose fair is a big event in Nottingham each October. I gathered all my resources with a small camera, recording sound files as I went along. My process is basic, but I like basic. My drawing style comes through.

You can see the finished video on THIS LINK.

Woodpigeon Translation.

Drawing so many animation frames provided the distraction of activity I always seem to crave. Motivation is high. I go to bed at a reasonable time thinking about tomorrow's work, and get up looking forward to a day in my sunny South facing studio, listening to music as I draw..

November produced my best animation to date, a promo video for the same musician I’d worked with in the recent past, and coincidentally drove to a live radio broadcast this same month.

For Woodpigeon Translation I had the challenge of a specific song’s instrumentation and lyrics to work with. Also, our mutual admiration for John Lennon meant he made a thinly disguised appearance, whilst a sequence from a Fred and Ginger movie informed the dance movements. Outside my studio the snow (and temperatures) reached record levels as November became December. Bad news for heating bills.

You can see the finished video on THIS LINK.