Monday, July 30, 2012

Summer success.

I’m having a good season so far. Three in an exhibition at Thoresby Courtyard (admittedly it’s their “wide open” exhibition):

One selected for the prestigious Patchings Gallery exhibition. (Work in progress for this painting on THIS LINK).

Selected as Editor’s Choice for inclusion in The Artist magazine:

My work on public display (at their invitation), at Christie Frames, and indeed the Colston Bassett acrylic sold from there:

The Malt Cross asked me if I would submit some scans of the sketches I did inside their venue, to be a part of their lottery / heritage bid:

Some of these are now more than a couple of years old, so I do like it when they get their day in the sun.

These successes were only slightly tempered by being rejected again by the Nottingham Open. They are nothing if not consistent.